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How is my personal information protected?

JAPANSTORE has made every effort to implement all...

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How does Japanstore use my personal data?

This information allows us to better understand and...

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I want to post my opinion about a product. How do I do it?

Want to submit a product review? It is very easy,...

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How do I create a wish list?

Adding a product to your favorites is very easy!...

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Canmake Tokyo:  List of products by manufacturer

Asian Kawaii cosmetics from Canmake Tokyo!

Canmake Tokyo is very popular thanks to the wide range of Kawaii cosmetics, which make you don't have to spend a lot of money to look nice and fashionable. Japanese company Canmake celebrated its 30th birthday in 2015! For decades, Canmake has been creating cosmetics that love millions of girls around the world. Dream of flawless make-up? Do you want to emanate a unique glow that will make you stand out from the crowd? Choose colourful cosmetics from Canmake Tokyo! We want you to find a special colour that's up to you, so check out the colourful make-up line. A wide range of make-up products will give you plenty of options to match the look to the occasion or the colours you prefer. See make-up products: eyes, lips and make-up bases! The company is also distinguished by its colourful make-up accessories, which look nice and are essential for finishing makeup. Take your beauty to the next level! Stand out of the crowd!