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How is my personal information protected?

JAPANSTORE has made every effort to implement all...

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How does Japanstore use my personal data?

This information allows us to better understand and...

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I want to post my opinion about a product. How do I do it?

Want to submit a product review? It is very easy,...

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How do I create a wish list?

Adding a product to your favorites is very easy!...

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Cure:  List of products by manufacturer

Do you dream of beautiful, moisturized and nourished skin? Do you love natural cosmetics?

You could not have found a better place! The TOYO Cure brand knows how to take care of a woman's body like no one else. Do you have problems with cellulite and stretch marks? Together with Natural Aqua Gel Cure you will deal with them for sure. As a natural scrub "flocculent" with the greatest care will take care of the perfect smoothness and firmness of your body, emphasizing its unique beauty.

Aqua Gel is safe for sensitive skin!

Aqua Gel contains no harsh acids or abrasive physical exfoliants, making it ideal for sensitive skin. You will find a wealth of the finest ingredients that have a real impact on reducing the levels of fatty tissue build-up in the skin and improving microcirculation. 91% of the ingredients are water. Of course, it contains no fragrances, dyes or preservatives. It will make your skin tight, firm and full of natural radiance. Aqua Gel reacts with the skin to form a milky white texture. When you massage the product into the skin, you will notice that small white pearls form. These beads collect dead skin cells on the surface and grow larger as you massage. Aqua Gel is safe for acne-prone skin, does not clog pores and does not exacerbate existing acne. Its unique properties have been recognized in many prestigious competitions and polls. It has been awarded numerous prizes, e.g. from @cosme magazine, ViVi, Hontou ni yokatta Cosme.