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Menturm OMI:  List of products by manufacturer

THE OMI BROTHERHOOD, LTD. & OMI Menturm Verdio 100 years of tradition!

THE OMI BROTHERHOOD, LTD. engages in social services and manufacturing of pharmaceutical, medicinal and cosmetic products. The Japanese manufacturer celebrated its 100th brand anniversary in 2020! Since its founding, the company has focused on developing easy-to-use skin care products with therapeutic properties. In order to continuously innovate, it develops cosmetics from different perspectives and continuously studies the details of human skin and conducts research.

Take care of sensitive skin and rely on Japanese quality!

OMI Brotherhood offers the highest quality products for face, body and lips. The OMI Menturm Verdio brand is famous for its high-quality sunscreens, alcohol-free and for sensitive skin. Cosmetics with sunscreen effectively protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Looking ahead to provide the world with high Japanese reliability and quality, THE OMI BROTHERHOOD, LTD. is expanding its network in Asia and expanding into global markets.

In our Japanstore online store, you will find many products from this very company. Discover high quality and affordable Asian cosmetics.