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Orbis:  List of products by manufacturer

Orbis - Manufacturer of Innovative Cosmetics

In 1987, at a time when the Internet was not yet widely available and selling cosmetics over the Internet was not popular, the Orbis brand was established. For more than 30 years, this company has been guided by the principle of honesty with customers and has undertaken various initiatives. The history of Orbis is full of philosophies that aim to go beyond the commonplace.

Orbis believes that what it delivers to customers should not only be a "product," but first and foremost an "experience." Built on the foundation of a sincere approach to the customer, the company is not afraid to challenge norms, flexibly adapts to change and wants to remain a bridge leading to a pleasant future. Orbis is not afraid to challenge the norms, flexibly adapts to change and wants to remain a bridge leading to a pleasant future.

Pioneer in the sale of online cosmetics

In 1987, Orbis began its activity as a company specializing in selling cosmetics on the phone, not having physical stores. At that time, orders were placed only via fixed telephone lines, and the talks for conversations were high. To facilitate purchases to customers, the company was the first in the industry in 1985 the service of a free hotline, launched by NTT.

Combining concern for resources with ease of use

Packaging of cosmetics, which after coming to the client are often thrown immediately, became the object of interest in Orbis from the perspective of ecology. From 1990, the company began to use light packaging made of thin film, which perform the function of both security and depreciation by filling with air. In addition, a paper containing processed waste paper is used for the production of external packaging, which contributes to the reduction of resource consumption and the amount of waste. In 1991, Orbis launched cosmetics in packaging for supplementation, which allowed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions during production, distribution and utilization, contributing to environmental protection. These initiatives perfectly reflect the Orbis principle: "Reject unnecessary, enjoy simplicity".

Renaperity in distinguishing between the needed and unnecessary things

Orbis consistently avoids conformism and adheres to the principle of independent social norms. For example, the company approaches skin care with the approach "without oil" and avoids the use of unnecessary ingredients in favor of high quality raw materials. In order to get a flexible beauty resulting from the individual features of each person's skin, Orbis thoroughly analyzes the skin structure, prevailing trends and a sense of era, carefully choosing what is really necessary.

skin tests supported by convenience and effectiveness

The Orbis company takes on numerous challenges that destroy traditional cosmetics theories. To achieve this, advanced technical knowledge is required. In the field of skin care, this company has a strong position thanks to scientific research on dermatology and developing new active substances conducted at the Institute of Field Research. Orbis strives to maximally enhance the natural beauty of the skin by thoroughly understanding what the skin really needs and what makes it happy, supported by solid scientific foundations.

Permanent confrontation with the client

Orbis is consistently guided by the principle of "being reliable". Holding three pillars: "reliable product", "reliable advertising" and "reliable customer service", the company always tries to look at the world through the eyes of the client and build trust. This approach brought the company a leader in the "own brand" category in the customer satisfaction study (JCSI*) in the field of online sales in 2021. Orbis still listens to the client's voice, which makes this brand develop and improve, being ready to meet the expectations of each client.