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shu uemura:  List of products by manufacturer

Anyone who is involved in or interested in makeup has no doubt encountered the Shu Uemura School of Artistic Makeup and the cosmetics line of the same name.

Shu Uemura - Japanese makeup artist and cosmetics company founder

Even as a teenager, Shu Uemura's interest in artistic makeup led him to study at the Tokyo Beauty Academy, where he was the only male among 130 students. In the late 1950s, he went to Hollywood because he dreamed of a career as a film makeup artist. He made his debut in this field in 1962, replacing an ailing makeup artist for the film "My Geisha", and from then on his career took off. While engaged in artistic makeup, he adhered to the philosophy that "beautiful makeup begins with a beautiful face" and developed his own skin care products. In 1960, he released his first cosmetic, Shu Uemura Oil , still popular today . In 1964, he returned to Japan, opened a makeup school and in 1967 founded the cosmetics company Japan Makeup, which changed its name to Shu Uemura in 1983.

Shu Uemura cosmetics and makeup accessories

In addition to the iconic facial cleansing oil, Shu Uemura created entire lines of facial care products, as well as "color" cosmetics (eye shadows, lipsticks) for which he patented his dye technology, perfumes and professional makeup accessories (eyeliners, handmade brushes, false eyelashes. Today, Shu Uemura's world-renowned cosmetics and accessories owe their strength not so much to their well-known name as to their effectiveness and functionality supported by the "skin health first" aspect. Film and stage stars love Shu Uemura cosmetics, which have gained a cult status, even talked about in films ("The Devil Wears Prada").Using Shu Uemura cosmetics you will feel like a star.In our store you can buy Shu Uemura cosmetics and makeup accessories, thanks to which you will gain a new dimension of facial care and beauty, which you could once only dream of.