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A relaxing bath after a hard day allows you to forget about stress, relax and recharge your internal batteries. Feeling overtired and want to order some high quality Asian bath cosmetics which will gently but effectively wash your skin and allow you to relax? In our online store Japanstore you will find cleansing oils, scrubs and shower scrubs, butters, natural gels and lotions, milk and fizzy bath balls, body candles, aloe vera cosmetics and many other products. We offer Japanese and Korean cosmetics from such brands as Botanist, Kiku-Masamune, Kneipp, NIVEA, Shiseido Rosarium, NatureLAB, Oshima Tsubaki, Kose Predia, Jill Stuart, Elumild, BCL, Lapidem, Rosette or Kracie. Our Japanese bath cosmetics not only have a cleansing effect, but also moisturize the skin, nourish it, regenerate, exfoliate and pamper the senses with a true richness of scents. Check out Asian products with green tea extracts, cinnamon, lime, watermelon, orange flower and other ingredients now!

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