Collagen is one of those substances that over the years the body begins to lack. Already after the age of 25 the human body reduces its regenerative capacity - the skin loses its elasticity and the first wrinkles start to appear. Natural collagen is a remedy that can counteract this.

Fish collagen - for whom and why?

Actually, for every person after 25 years of age, because it is then that the breakdown of collagen fibers begins to occur faster than their reconstruction. However, taking supplements with a high collagen content is not just a remedy for aesthetic ills. Although, of course, collagen has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and the problem of cellulite, it also works equally well on joints, bones, tendons, internal organs or even blood vessels and eyes, strengthening the whole body. Another very desirable effect of supplementation with natural collagen is its influence on the condition of hair, nails and also the visibility of scars and the healing process of wounds. Thus, low molecular weight fish collagen can be considered a real elixir of youth, which will heal the body both from the outside and inside.

Why fish collagen?

Fish collagen, it is worth noting at the outset, is much better absorbed than that produced synthetically or taken from other animals (such as pork collagen). This is mainly due to one important feature - fish collagen resembles to the greatest extent the one produced in the human body, which allows it to have a full spectrum of activity and its effectiveness is several times higher. Among fish, marine fish are characterized by the highest quality of collagen.

Why Japanese products?

Japan, thanks to advanced technology and good access to the sea, over the years has made a name for itself as a true expert in the production of cosmetics or supplements based on collagen, mainly thanks to the companies collagen Meiji, collagen Shiseido or luxury collagen Rohto Episteme, being giants in the world market. Japanese manufacturers offer Japanese fish collagen in several forms: powder, tablets, drinks or gels.

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