Asian hair creams and serums

Hair rituals have become part of our evening hair care routine. More consciousness about caring for bleached, coloured, curly or damaged hair has made us reach for serums or leave-in creams. These serums and creams stimulate the hair roots, moisturize the hair, nourish the hair or rebuild the hair structure. Hair treatment with creams or serums is now so well known that brands are keen to launch products on the cosmetics market dedicated strictly to this purpose. The treatment reduces hair loss, can reduce sebum secretion and has a positive effect on hair growth. As a side effect, the hair is left soft and bouncy. The key to success is choosing the right products, taking into account the porosity of the hair. Some of the most popular Japanese cream cosmetics include products from Shiseido Macherie, Tsubaki, Angfa Scalp D, Lebel, Milbon, Kracie Ichikami, Kracie Himawari, La Sana, Kao Liese or Oshima Tsubaki. In addition to creams and serums, masks, conditioners, poultices or sprays are interesting solutions.

Cream and Serum 

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