Asian Hair Growth

Hair Growth are a unique alternative to traditional conditioners or masks. They differ significantly in their form of application and how they are applied. Japanese hair and scalp treatments should be applied at least two to three times per week. This is when you see the best results. Asian hair treatments can be applied to dry or wet hair. What makes Asian hair treatments so popular? The application of hair rubs forces the scalp to be massaged in a way, stimulates hair roots and makes it possible to relax and feel well at the same time as taking care of your hair. Most of the rubs are based on natural ingredients. The most popular are Shiseido Adenogen, Daiichi Sankyo, Rohto Episteme Angfa Scalp D, Sunnyplace, Lebel, Rigaos or Astalift hair rubs. The store's assortment includes Japanese and Korean hair treatments dedicated to weakened hair, designed to strengthen hair, prevent hair loss and hair growth treatments.

Hair Growth 

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