Face and eye make-up removal cosmetics - the basis of care!

Cleansing the face and eyes is the basis of multi-stage skin care. Proper make-up removal guarantees radiant, healthy skin and prevents aging of the skin. It allows it to breathe, prevents skin irritation, redness and swelling of the eyes. In our offer you will find a lot of high quality Japanese cosmetics, which will help you remove make-up residues and thoroughly cleanse the skin, leaving it fresh, silky smooth and soft to the touch. Among them you will find excellent, award-winning make-up removal oils DHC and Shu Uemura, exceptionally gentle and pleasant to use Hada Labo foams, facial cleansing gels and lotions and micellar waters from Bifesta, cleansing powders, lotions, milk and Senka cleansing soaps. We also offer high quality exfoliating products, including mechanical scrubs such as Ishizawa granules, Kanebo Suisai enzyme capsules, aqua peeling Aqua Gel Curel, natural gomage and Rosette scrubs for the face. In our offer you will also find a novelty - Biore make-up remover wipes, which effectively cope with even waterproof eye make-up. Check out our cosmetic novelties from renowned Asian manufacturers. Take a look at our offer now and feel like shopping in Tokyo!


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