Make-up removal - the basis of correct multi-step skin care

Proper make-up removal is largely responsible for the condition of your skin. Even the most expensive cream will be ineffective if the face is not properly cleansed. Carelessly performed facial makeup removal does not regenerate the skin properly and as a result it becomes devoid of radiance, stale and prone to irritation. When proceeding to a proper cleansing you should remember about properly selected products that will not only remove impurities, but also prepare each skin type for further care activities.

Eye makeup removal - how to choose the right products for your needs?

Eye makeup remover is a wide range of Asian products with different effects and purpose. Their role is to cleanse and tone, so that the skin can regenerate and absorb nutrients provided by the cream. Eye makeup remover - the most popular products in Korea and Japan are one- and two-phase eye makeup removers. The dual-phase formula contains an aqueous component and oils that effectively dissolve even waterproof cosmetics.

Eye makeup removal with a light, fresh feeling

Even the most beautiful eye makeup will not last forever. It has to be removed in the evening, at night or early in the morning at the latest! Because especially at night it is important for the skin to be clean, to recover and to rest. There are therefore many eye makeup remover products available - popular for example are the so-called dual-phase products, which cleanse and care for the eyes at the same time. Below, we have selected the best makeup remover products for different requirements.

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Have you had any experience with Asian makeup remover products? Or have you read or heard reviews from other female customers? Some women prefer a gel that takes on a creamy consistency when applied to the skin. Others prefer pads that are soaked in a cleansing liquid: you simply take the pad out of the package and remove the makeup. And then there are eye makeup remover products in liquid form, such as the legendary Bifesta, which you have to soak the pad in yourself to remove the makeup.

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  • Gels
  • Lotions
  • Emulsions
  • Tissues
  • Pads
  • Makeup Removal Milk

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