Soap - a washing agent whose history dates back to antiquity. It was present in every era (although not available to all) and has survived to the present day (although its composition and form often has little in common with the old soap). Synthetic ingredients, which have mostly replaced natural ones, bring more harm than good to the skin. Low price, however, attracts buyers, but what price - soap. In recent years, consumer awareness has been changing and we are more and more willing to use natural products, including soaps, because we do not want to harm ourselves and the environment, hence the popularity of Asian soaps, which do not contain artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

Japanese face and body soaps

What is the secret of flawless beauty of Japanese women? In proper skin care, which cleansing is the basic element of cosmetic procedures. Soaps used in everyday toiletry serve this purpose, but Japanese bar soaps not only remove dirt but also care for, moisturize and even heal your skin. Those designed for face washing are so delicate that we can use them without any fear even if we have sensitive skin, prone to irritation or acne. Natural oils and plant extracts used in the production of Asian face and body soaps leave our skin smooth, cleansed, moisturized and ready for further skin care treatments. Some people may be intimidated by the price of Asian soaps, but once you are tempted to buy them, you will definitely not give them up, because the effectiveness of their action is not comparable to those generally available on the market. Natural bar soaps are worth their price.

Asian soaps available in our store

We do not focus only on one product or company. We offer a whole range of Japanese soaps for every skin type, from different cosmetic companies, so that every customer can find the right product for themselves.


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