As complex as the process of cosmetic procedures used by Japanese women is, the world of Asian cosmetics is also rich. Although there is no shortage of beauty products on the European cosmetic market, they are far from being Japanese. The superiority of Asian cosmetics lies in the fact that they do not contain artificial dyes and preservatives, and their composition is based on natural plant extracts and minerals.

Unfortunately, there is probably no woman who would be satisfied with the appearance of her skin, hence the cosmetology and cosmetic industry is booming. The awareness that with the right makeup we can cover up flaws, emphasize strengths and additionally provide the skin with nourishing ingredients, results in the fact that we attach more and more importance to our appearance and cosmetics used. However, not all of us know that the perfect make-up does not exist without a good foundation.

Natural face primers are what will give your skin a flawless look

And if natural, then of course we bet on Japanese ones. While some may be put off by the price, it's worth the investment. Asian face primers based on natural ingredients are incredibly effective and efficient. They provide perfect coverage of imperfections, even out skin tone, moisturize, mattify, provide protection against harmful UV radiation, illuminate the face - of course, properly selected for your skin type. A primer with different properties is needed for dry skin, another for sensitive or seborrhoeic skin.

In our store you can easily find a good face primer.

Each cosmetic has a detailed description of composition and application. Face primer will do its job, if its color is perfectly matched not only to your skin type, but also to your skin tone. For warm skin tones (more yellowish) choose a foundation with yellow, orange and golden brown pigments, for cold skin tones (pink) choose a foundation with beige pigments with a touch of pink or brown. Even the most demanding customers will find Japanese face primer for themselves. Our offer includes products of many recognized companies, in various forms, consistencies and colors. We encourage you to buy!


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