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Owing to Asian multi stage facial skin care, you can have firm, smooth and young skin! In Japan, attention has long been paid to 5-stage skin care and anti-aging care. The basic elements of face care are step 1: cleansing (oils, gels, foams, micellar fluids), step 2: exfoliation / massage / mask (peelings, grommage, massage creams, masks in creams), step 3: toning (lotions, tonics, hydrates), step 4: nutrition (serum, essences, eye creams), step 5: hydration (moisturizing creams and emulsions anti-aging). Equally important is the search for nutrient-rich, natural and organic cosmetics that regenerate, stimulate the skin for renewal and supplement missing vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is also worth protecting the skin from the sun, reaching for reputable Asian UVA and UVB protection filters with ultra-high SPF50+ PA++++. For body care Asian Women use cosmetics with natural plant extracts, e.g. with algae or green tea. Balsams, butter, oils and body creams give unparalleled results! Care products respond to specific problems (cellulite, stretch marks) and the requirements of a given skin type (aging, acne, anti redness skin) - that is why it is worth knowing the needs of the skin. Check out our cosmetic bestsellers from the best Asian manufacturers. Take a look at our offer now and feel like shopping in Tokyo!


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