Facial masks ... who has not heard about their beneficial effects ... Relaxing, cleansing, nourishing - this is what our skin and we need. 10-15 minutes with a mask on your face brings us relaxation, and the skin restores a healthy and radiant look. The advantage of masks over creams is that their more concentrated ingredients work faster, deeper and the effect is noticeable even after one use.

Asian face masks are nature at its best

Old recipes supported by modern technology and research are the secret of effectiveness of Japanese cosmetics and growing popularity of cosmetology from the Land of Cherry Blossom. Asian cosmetics draw strength from nature and say a firm "no" to artificial dyes and preservatives. As our awareness of the consequences of using synthetic cosmetics has grown, more and more often we reach for natural ones, maybe a bit more expensive, but healthier for us and the environment, hence the Japanese face masks are becoming increasingly popular. Can plant extracts, extracts from pearls, caviar, algae or the nourishing power of minerals from the Dead Sea harm us? When used in accordance with the recommendations, certainly not, as we all know: "what's too much is not enough", so let's not overdo it. Cleansing face masks should be used once a week for normal and dry skin, -2-3 times a week for seborrheic skin. We should choose a mask according to the type and current needs of our facial skin. Relaxing masks can be used daily on tired facial skin. For daily morning care, moisturizing, nourishing and lifting, let's choose delicate sheet masks. Novelty, to which we devote only a minute of time in the morning toilet, and the result is a smooth, radiant complexion throughout the day.

Cream, gel and sheet masks, clays and peel - off

Cleansing, soothing, moisturizing and nourishing, you will find the one you need in our online store. Japanese face masks in sheets, creams and clays are a strong point of our offer. We encourage you to shop!


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