Face serum is an indispensable product for multi-step care in every cosmetic bag. Inconspicuously small bottle, supporting the effect of daily care for each woman, can work wonders on our skin. Properly selected serum will hydrate, firm, nourish and above all protect our skin against harmful external factors.

Moisturizing, revitalizing, lifting - which serum will be right for you?

Considering the products offered by Asian manufacturers, which serum we choose depends mainly on the condition and type of our facial skin. Why? Because every skin is different and needs different care.

For tired and lackluster complexion the best serum will be a vitamin serum or a revitalizing one. If you have dry skin you should use a moisturizing serum and if you want to slow down the aging process you should buy a serum with hyaluronic acid. Japanstore.pl offers a wide range of Japanese and Korean cosmetics containing carefully selected ingredients which will satisfy the needs of skin of any age.

How do I use facial serums?

The frequency and method of application of serums depends on the manufacturer's recommendations. There are products that should be used at night, while others should be used during the day, although sometimes one application per week is enough for some of us. Serum is a kind of a base supporting the use of cream and although it does not replace it, it has a more intensive effect. One thing is certain - it has priority in our skin care.


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