Asian Sun Protection SPF30-49

One of the most important points of everyday Asian skin care. It is worth using regularly if we want our skin to maintain a young and beautiful look for a long time without spots and uneven tone.

How to use sunscreen creams?

Sunscreen products should be used year-round, not only in spring and summer, because the harmful radiation passes through the clouds and damages our cells throughout the year. Sunscreens should be used with extreme caution during acid and retinol peeling treatments, as well as after invasive aesthetic medicine procedures.

Consequences of not using UV filters

Lack of adequate protection contributes to premature skin aging, dehydration, roughness, lack of elasticity, and wrinkles. The most visible changes of sun exposure are hyperpigmentation, which later is very difficult to remove or lighten. Another important argument is skin cancer, whose risk is increased by exposing the skin to the sun, which is not protected by a filter. It is advisable to choose such a preparation properly to your skin type so that the application is not only an unpleasant duty but also a pleasure.

In the offer of our online platform we have Korean and Japanese filters for every skin type, which also contain skincare ingredients. Such products can even replace a day cream, as they will properly moisturize and protect your skin. It's a good idea to combine sunscreens with antioxidants for broader protection against skin aging. Find the perfect UV day cream for your skin! At Japanstore you can buy sunscreens with varying SPF levels. Try products from: Biore, Canmake Tokyo, Shiseido Anessa, Skin Aqua by Rohto, Allie by Kanebo, Cosmeport Suncut by Kose or Evermere Cosmetics.


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