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Hakuichi Kinka:  List of products by manufacturer

Super-penetrating Hydration Skin Care “KINKA”

Based on the hydrating property of gold and the skin-beatifying power of plants, this brand of skin care helps a wide range of skin needs women have. Your skin is firm and well-hydrated from the dermis layer.

Glory of Gold Makes Happy and Supple Skin

In the pursuit of the ideal “nutrition”, the indispensable element for the finely textured and firm skin, KINKA formulates “gold” in all products to give the ultimate hydration and elasticity. Also formulated is the new beautifying/hydrating agent of “proteoglycan” to enhance the translucency and fresh texture.Provide and lock in the rich “nutrition”. Your skin is ideally radiant, firm and supple now.

Powerfully Nutritious “Gold”

Formulated with the safe and quality “gold leaves” and “colloidal gold”, produced under the meticulous quality management of HAKUICHI (certified to ISO 9001). These ingredients heighten the moisture retention of the skin, and help transform into the beautifully firm and supple skin.

Formulated with the New and Hot Beautifying Agent - “Proteoglycan”

Proteoglycan is originally found in human skin and known for the power to “hydrate the skin” and “generate new skin cells” . 1.3 times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, it enhances the firmness and hydration from deep inside the skin (dermis). Its efficacy to promote the natural turnover (EGF-like action) encourages the re-generation of the dermis and leaves your skin finely textured, translucent and well-hydrated.

Formulated with the Choicest “Plant Extracts”

Cleansing or hydration - each step of the skincare regimen needs to provide different nutrients to the skin. Carefully selecting the plant extracts for each step, KINKA formulated them at its proprietary ratios to bring out their maximum efficacy. Now, in order to solve skin problems of more women, KINKA has significantly increased the active ingredients including these plant extracts, hyaluronic acid* and ceramide*. Now your skin is healthier and even more hydrated.

“Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, and Colorant Free” for the Gentle Care

To provide the treasured customers with the safe and gentle products, KINKA has gone out of the way to pursuit the ultimate gentleness to the skin. No potential allergens or unnecessary agents to mask the original colors and scents of the ingredients is used. KINKA is committed to paraben free, fragrance free, and colorant free.