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SK-II:  List of products by manufacturer

What is PITERA™ Essence?

PITERA™ Essence is a powerful essence. Millions of women who used it have experienced the miraculous transformation to Crystal Clear Skin and swear by it, lovingly calling it “Miracle Water”.

What does PITERA™ Essence do for my skin and which concerns does it exactly fix for my skin?

Whatever your skin type/concern, PITERA™ Essence helps you achieve your best skin ever—Crystal Clear Skin. It is the ONE almighty product you need to moisturize, soften and smoothen texture, reduce appearance of dark spots and fine lines due to dryness, enhance radiance, even skin tone, and the list goes on! In fact, the full benefits of PITERA™ have not yet been uncovered and until now we continue to discover new things it can do.

How does PITERA™ Essence give me Crystal Clear Skin?

  • PITERA™ mimics skin and that’s why your skin absorbs it even quicker than water.

  • PITERA™ fundamentally revitalizes your skin by allowing it to function in its natural cycle—keeping skin’s fluctuations in check. If your skin is out of sync, PITERA™ brings it back to order.

  • This is how PITERA™ aka Miracle Water gives miraculous transformation to Crystal Clear Skin.

How different is it from a Serum? Toner

Skin acts like a barrier which blocks unfamiliar objects out, but since PITERA™ resembles skin, skin welcomes it in, allowing PITERA™ to deliver all its goodness quickly—unlike thicker formulas such as serums and creams.

What is PITERA™ exactly? How is it made?

PITERA™ is SK-II’s exclusive natural ingredient made from a unique fermentation process from a special yeast strain. We searched long and hard through 350 kinds of yeast strains before finding THE ONE! One bottle of PITERA™ Essence contains more than 90% PITERA™. PITERA™, the secret to Crystal Clear Skin, was unlocked with the chance observation of the sake brewers’ youthful looking hands in contrast to their old wrinkled faces.