Foams and creams for multi-stage cleaning and make-up removal

The right choice of facial cleansing and make-up removal products is an important step and the key to success in multi-stage Asian skincare. Face make-up removal with oil is only the first stage of the Asian cleansing ritual. The next step is to remove oil residues with foam, gel or face wash cream. Natural Asian cosmetics in the form of foams or creams thoroughly and gently cleanse the remains of makeup after oiling and effectively moisturize and smooth rough skin. It is worth choosing facial cleansing cosmetics with effective action and mild ingredients. Asian cleansing products are very popular all over the world. They are mainly valued for their excellent properties, high effectiveness and natural ingredients. Additionally, they are very efficient and comfortable to use, e.g. when you press the dispenser, the liquid automatically turns into a dense foam. Thanks to this, the whole product is used for washing. In the case of creams for cleaning it is worth to equip oneself with a foaming net, which allows to obtain a dense, creamy foam in a flash. Most cosmetics from Japan and Korea do not contain alcohol, mineral oil, dyes. Systematic facial cleansing will not only protect you from unwanted skin changes such as blackheads and pimples, but also bring relief after a hard day and provide the skin with the necessary rest. As a result, the complexion will regain its healthy appearance and will be ready to use further care products. In our offer you will find all the best Asian foams and creams for cleansing. Rosette, Shiseido Senka, Lapidem, Nivea, Koh Gen Do, Kanebo or Kracie are waiting for you! Find out more about multi-stage cleaning on our blog.

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