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santen:  List of products by manufacturer

Santen refreshing Japanese eye drops.

Santen Pharmaceutical is a leading ophthalmology company, founded in Japan more than a century ago. It is the market leader in ophthalmology in Japan. Asian Santen eye drops improve eye and vision health and use modern treatments for eye diseases. The Santen brand focuses exclusively on ophthalmology, a specialized field in which it has deep knowledge and experience.

Santen Pharmaceutical - the largest company in the over-the-counter eye care products sector.

Santen focus on the visual sense improves patients' quality of life while maintaining a strong and successful business. As the population ages, the number of patients affected by conditions such as glaucoma and retinal diseases is increasing. Thanks to the development of new technologies, the ophthalmic market is growing rapidly, allowing new diagnostic and treatment methods to be introduced into ophthalmology.

Santen supplies eye care products in addition to over-the-counter drops. It is a leader in the treatment of glaucoma and dry eye syndrome. It specializes in these therapeutic areas by supplying many products for their treatment. Every year it also increases the list of available products for the treatment of eye infections and allergies.

Only with us will the customer receive the latest original Japanese Santen cosmetics, even on the day of release in the Asian market. Feel free to take advantage of our online store!