Until recently, it was believed that acne is a problem of youthful age. Today, it is known that it affects people of all ages. It is always advisable to consult an experienced dermatologist, however, properly selected skin care can work wonders and help in the fight against acne.

Characteristics of acne-prone skin

Acne-prone skin is characterized by regular appearance of purulent pimples on the face. They are formed as a result of enlarged pores, often clogged with keratinized epidermis and impurities, mixed with naturally secreted sebum. A characteristic feature of the appearance of this type of skin are pimples, skin changes resembling a rash, discoloration and redness.

Acne skin care

Acne can be alleviated by following the most important principles of multi-step care of this type of skin. It is extremely important to systematically and properly take care of acne skin on the face.


Daily facial cleansing is a priority. The best Asian acne cosmetics not only allow you to properly cleanse your skin, but also prepare it for further care. Cleansing should be done at least twice a day. In the morning to cleanse the skin of impurities that have settled overnight and sebum, and in the evening when the skin has been exposed all day.


Acne products that have exfoliating properties are the cornerstone of caring for this type of skin. They remove dead skin and open the pores, allowing them to unblock and re-establish proper sebum secretion, without the build-up and formation of new pimples. The best solution for skin with imperfections are Japanese enzymatic peels, which very gently cleanse the skin and do not cause further spreading of imperfections. Peelings are best performed 1-2 times a week.


Dry skin, including acne, is a sign to the body that it should secrete more sebum. In case of acne it is not recommended, therefore, care should be taken to properly moisturize the skin, not forgetting that cleansing is the basis of skin care. Remember: you should not use moisturizing cosmetics on an unclean face. If you have acne-prone skin, light hydrating creams or extremely popular moisturizing gels will do just fine.

What cosmetics should be used for acne skin?

It is extremely important to choose proper cosmetics, which, apart from cleansing properties, will also have antibacterial properties. Acne products should have gentle but effective action. They cannot irritate the skin. Cosmetics from Japan and Korea dedicated to people with acne should cleanse, at the same time removing excess sebum, open and unblock pores, allowing them to function properly. They can be in the form of foams, oils, gels, serums or scrubs. Each acne product must be used in accordance with its intended purpose and method of use specified on the package in order to be fully effective.

Advantages of natural products

The best acne skin care should be based on natural products. Their main advantage is that they reduce the risk of allergic reactions and do not irritate skin, whose functioning is already impaired. It is worth using acne cosmetics, which do not contain preservatives and parabens, and are based on natural components. Thanks to them, the natural balance of the skin is restored - this is the main purpose of fighting acne. Further steps are daily, proper care, in order to prevent the recurrence of acne.

Acne Care 

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