Face emulsion - milk is an inseparable element of the Asian beauty ritual. Its task is to prepare and initially soften the skin, so that the care cream applied next is better absorbed. Asian emulsions have a much lighter consistency than a traditional cream, but at the same time contain enough active ingredients to effectively care for the skin.

Japanese and Korean facial moisturizing emulsions

The emulsion is worth using in summer, especially for skin prone to blackheads, clogged pores and oily skin. It can be successfully used alone or in duo with a face cream when skin needs intensive care. Usually the emulsion is applied immediately after the toner, deepening the cleansing ritual of the face, neck and cleavage skin while maintaining its proper level of hydration.

The best Asian face emulsion - how to choose for yourself?

For best results, use an emulsion in the morning and evening, provided that the product is matched to the needs of the skin. Such a base is an excellent preparation for the complexion to accept active ingredients applied during further stages of care, and thus constitutes protection and anti-aging prevention. The emulsion can be used seasonally, e.g. only in summer, or it can be combined with a cream and enhance a specific effect (antioxidant, moisturizing, brightening) to restore the skin to its former youthful glow.


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