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LebeL:  List of products by manufacturer

LebeL - the pursuit of "Universal Beauty" and "Beauty of the times".

Lebel was founded in 1977 as the first and original brand of TAKARA BELMONT cosmetics. "BEL", which is part of the company's name, means "beauty" in French. LebeL's goal is to continue to deliver rich "beauty" based on our desire to add shine to hair.
To make your hair as unique as you are, give it personalized care. Professional cosmetics for the care and coloring of hair by LebeL is the knowledge of the best professional hairdressers in the world combined with the research experience of teams of scientists.

LebeL - professional cosmetics for hair care and coloring.

"Universal Beauty" exists in all of us, as the texture of fresh hair, the unique attractiveness of a person. It is a beauty that can be brought out by the hands of professionals. "Beauty of the Times" is a kind of beauty that expands the possibilities of expression with new styles and leads the epoch. The essence of LebeL is the search for beauty from these two perspectives.
Unique hair care products are created under the supervision of specialists. They are distinguished by concentrated active substances, sophisticated molecular complexes, perfect consistency and fragrance, as well as elegant design.
Japanese LebeL cosmetics meet the needs of the most demanding customers, and at the same time pamper the senses. As a result, hair care becomes a unique, intimate moment. Put yourself in the hands of experts and feel the delicate touch of Japanese luxury, revolutionary technology and individual treatments that will miraculously change your hair.