Probably for many of us alabaster, flawless complexion of Japanese women is an object of sighs and envy. Standing in front of the mirror we ask ourselves a question - why, despite using recommended creams, we are greeted by a tired, gray face? We often do not realize that the cream alone will not work miracles. Asians know this, so they use a multi-step facial care, which peeling to makeup removal is an essential element. Japanese women devote the appropriate amount of time to treatments and use cosmetics that do not contain artificial dyes and preservatives. Today you too have the opportunity to try the effectiveness of Japanese cosmetics - just visit our store.

Facial peeling - one of the most important cosmetic procedures

Peeling is applied to the face cleansed of cosmetics, dust, etc. It is used to remove dead skin cells. It consists in removing dead skin cells and the remains of impurities in order to speed up the process of getting rid of "used" cells and thus facilitate the work of the new ones. By using cosmetic facial peels, we provide the skin with a fresh look, improve microcirculation, hydration, improve color, unblock sebaceous glands, shallowing of fine wrinkles and ensure better absorption of nourishing creams. Peeling should be performed once or twice a week depending on skin type, although cleansing scrubs are also available in a milder form for daily use.

What ingredients do Japanese peels contain?

Primarily natural. These include jojoba oil, argan oil, Moroccan clay, Andean salt, sea mint. A wide range of our store will allow you to choose a face scrub with the composition of your dreams, ideal for your skin and in the form that suits you best. You will not buy the proverbial "cat in a bag", because each available Asian scrub has a precisely described composition, purpose and method of application. Mechanical or enzymatic, in the form of gel, mask, wipes or paste, such Japanese cosmetic brands as Sabon, Shiseido, BCL and Suqqu cosmetic face scrubs are waiting for you. Difficult choice? Visit our blog to learn more about Japanese scrubs.


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